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International trade is the exchange of goods between countries. International trade enables consumers all over the world to buy French wines, Columbian coffee, Korean television sets and German automobiles. International trade between nations creates the global economy where prices are influenced by a variety of factors such as global events, exchange rates, politics and protectionism. Political shifts in one country can impact manufacturing costs and employee wages in another country. The result of such shifts could raise or lower the prices of imported goods for local shoppers on everyday products and the toughest trade, is the international trade in oil and petroleum products that we will Companionship your company in this path.

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In this case,the crude oil & various types of petroleum products, such as gasoline, diesel oil, naphtha, jet fuel, mazut and various types of fuel oil, types of bitumen and various types of petrochemicals are in the category of products supplied by our company.
Our field of activity is in Central Asia, Central Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and we are increasing our services every day in Europe, Asia and Africa.

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